We had a blast with Zippy and Jordan during our last week of this series, "Wise Up!". We learned about being wise and reviewed all of the proverbs that we learned! 

Need to Know: "I Will Be Wise!" 

Christ Connection: King Solomon could have asked for earthly treasures, but he asked for wisdom to lead God's people. God created people to do His will. Jesus provided the ultimate example by completely trusting God with His life. Jesus wanted to carry out God's plan, and He trusted God to take care of the rest. Jesus ultimately surrendered His own life to die on the cross for our sins so that God could bring us back to Himself.

Bible Story-1 Kings 1:28-31; 3:1-3, 4:29-34; 6:1-14

King David chose his son Solomon to be king. King Solomon asked God to help him be wise. He asked God to help him be a good ruler. 

God told Solomon, "You did not ask for money. You did not ask for long life. Since you asked to be a good king instead, I will give you wisdom. You will also be rich and have a long life!" 

God made Solomon the wisest man EVER. He also made Solomon the richest king! People visited from all over the world. They wanted to learn from wise Solomon. 

Solomon built many wonderful buildings. The best building he built was a Temple for God. God's people went to the Temple to praise God. They prayed and worshiped God there. It was beautiful. And God was glad! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.191-194

We hope to see you next Sunday as we begin our new series, "Mystery Manor". Kids will be detectives as they search for the answers to mysterious questions they often have about God! You won't want them to miss out!