We are LOVING our new series, Clue Catchers! Our Preschoolers had so much fun this week dancing to our new songs, and joining Agent A and Cluey to solve our next mystery! We continued to learn that "God Made Everything" this week! 

Need To Know: "God Made Everything"

Christ Connection: Last week we learned that God made everything! Did God make you and me? Yes! He did. After God created man and woman, he thought that it was good. God specially makes each and every one of us. Why? Because he loves us! And remember, God made all things through Jesus Christ.

Bible Story, Genesis 2:7-8, 18-25

God saw the whole world He had made. He saw sky, hills, water and trees. He saw the sun and moon. God's world was beautiful! 

God was glad to see the fish and birds, lizards and furry animals He had made. But God was not finished. 

God made a man. God named the man Adam. God told Adam, "I have a job for you to do. Please name all of the animals." 

But God still was not finished! He said, "It isn't good for Adam to be alone. I'll make a person who's perfect for him to love." So God made a woman. Adam named her Eve.

God loved Adam and Eve. He told them, "Take care of the animals and birds and everything you see in My world."

God's creation was finished! And it was all very good! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.22-25

We hope to see you next Sunday as we continue in our Clue Catchers series! Don't forget, Easter at the Civic Center is on April 5th at 11am. Invite your friends and family for an amazing service, with childcare provided for your preschoolers!