We LOVED playing with your Preschoolers this Sunday morning! We visited Ms. Wise's room once again and learned from her and Willy the Worm about controlling our words! We read from Mark 9 about being kind and helpful with our words, instead of putting other people down! 

Need to Know: "I Will Control My Words!" 

Christ Connection: Just like Jesus wanted his friends to control their words, he would like us to do the same! And just like Jesus helped his friends control their words, he helps us too! Jesus always controlled his words and was kind and loving to others. He encouraged his friends! Can we say kind and loving things like Jesus? 

Bible Story: The Greatest of All: Mark 9:33-37

Jesus' friends were walking along, arguing. They argued about who was IMPORTANT. They argued about who was the GREATEST. 

When they came indoors Jesus asked, "What were you arguing about on the road?" No one wanted to tell Jesus. But Jesus KNEW what they'd been saying. 

Jesus called His friends to come and sit with Him. Jesus said, "Do you want GOD to think you're IMPORTANT?" Jesus asked. "Then treat everyone else like they are MORE important than you are!" 

He pulled a little child close to Him. Jesus said, "When you are kind to a child, it is the same as being kind to Me. When you welcome a child, it is the same as being glad to see Me." 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.362-365

We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend! For those of you who came to the Marriage Conference, we hope you enjoyed a great night together without your kids, just learning about God's design for marriage and spending quality time with your spouse! We hope to see you next week as we finish off our "Wise Up!" series! See you at 9:30am or 11am at either our Tharpe Street location or our Leon High School location!