In elementary this week, we joined Zippy and Jordan once again at school. This week we learned about watching what we say and do. We learned from the book of 1 Samuel about Abigail and her decision to be wise! 


Need To Know: "I Will Watch What I Say and Do!" 

Christ Connection: Abigail made a very good decision to be wise. By watching what we say and do, we please God. When Jesus came down from heaven to be on this earth, he made many decisions to be wise. Jesus listened and obeyed God's commands and died on the cross so that when we don't make wise decisions, we can be forgiven and have eternal life. 


Bible Story: 

I'm going to tell you a story from the Bible.

There was a certain area of Israel where a named named Nabal lived with his wife, Abigail. Now, Nabal was very mean and rude. But Abigail was kind and very wise.

One day, King David was camping near Nabal's home. David said to some of his men, "Go to Nabal and ask if he has any food, water or supplies that he can give us."

So David's men went to Nabal and gave him the message. When Nabal got David's message, Nabal did NOT watch what he said or did. He said, "Psshhhhh, who is this so-called David? Why would I give MY stuff to some random guy?" David's men went back to tell David was Nabal said.

When David heard what Nabal said, he told his men, "Strap on your swords! We are going to attack the home of Nabal because of what he said!" David put on his sword, too!

Knowing that Nabal had been unwise in what he said, one of Nabal's servants went to Abigail. the servant told Abigail what Nabal had said about David. 

Abigail understood that Nabal hadn't watched what he said or did. Right then, Abigail made a wise choice.

She took two hundred loaves of bread, some grain, meat, water, and fruits. Abigail loaded all of these things onto her donkey. Abigail jumped on her donkey and rode as fast as she could to meet David.

As Abigail got close to David, she heard him shout, "Come on men, we WILL attack Nabal!" When Abigail saw David, she got off her donkey and kneeled in front of him. Abigail said, "Excuse me King David. Please forgive my husband, Nabal. He did NOT watch what he said and did. But I am here to apologize and ask for forgiveness for my family. I also brought food for you and your men.

Since Abigail chose to watch what she said and did, David did not attack Abigail and her husband Nabal. God rewarded Abigail for being wise! 

1 Samuel 25


We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day weekend! We hope that those of you who attended the Marriage Conference on Friday night enjoyed a night without the Kids, and learning about God's design for marriage! We hope to see you this Sunday as we wrap up our Wise Up series! See you at 9:30am or 11am at our Leon High School location or our Tharpe Street location!