We had so much fun in Ms. Wise's classroom this week. Ms. Wise and Willy Worm taught us about how to do the right thing! We learned from the story of Daniel obeyed God in Daniel chapter 1.


Need to Know: "I Will Do The Right Thing!"

Christ Connection: Sometimes it can be really hard to do the right thing. We may want to do the right thing but we don't always do the right thing. That is why Jesus died for us! When we are trying to do the right thing, we can ask God for help! Just like God helped Daniel and his friends to do the right thing, he does this for us too! God can make us strong enough to make the right choices and love others. God is with us, just like he was with Daniel! 


Bible Story: Daniel Obeys God - Daniel 1

The king of Babylon marched to Jerusalem. He burned the city and broke the walls. He took many people back to Babylon. 

Daniel and his three friends had to go to Babylon. The king's helper said, "You will learn to work for the king. You'll eat food only from the king's table." But God's people were not to eat those foods. Daniel and his friends wanted to obey GOD.

So Daniel asked the guard, "Please, try this test: For 10 days, give us vegetables and water. Then see how we are." For 10 days, they ate only vegetables. They drank only water.

After 10 days, the guard looked at them. Daniel and his friends looked strong! So the guard let them eat the same food they had been eating during the 10 days. Daniel and his friends learned more and more. 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.240-243


Hey Parents! Thanks for dropping your child off in City Church Kids! We had so much fun today! Don't forget to review the bible story with your preschooler! We hope to see you next Sunday!