We loved joining Zippy and Jordan in production this week as we learned about how to be a good example! We once again visited the book of Daniel and read the story of Daniel and the Fiery Furnace! 

Need to Know: I Will Be A Good Example! 

Christ Connection: Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego were literally rescued from a fire. Christ came to save us from more than physical harm. Christ's sacrifice on the cross provided the way for us to be rescued from the punishment we deserve because of our sin and have eternal life.

Bible Story, The Fiery Furnace, Daniel 3

Daniel's three friends worked for the king. This king made a BIG golden statue. He also made a new rule: "When the music plays, bow and pray to this statue. If you do not, you will be thrown into a furnace and burned up!" 

Soon, the music began to play. People bowed and prayed to the statue. But Daniel's friends did not bow. They would pray only to God! 

When the king heard about the three friends, he said, "If you don't bow, you'll be thrown into the furnace. Who'll help you then?"

The friends said, "O King, our God can save us. But even if He does not, we won't bow!" 

NOW the king was VERY angry! He had the furnace heated even more. Soldiers tied up the three friends. Then they threw them into the hot furnace! 

The king stood up. "LOOK!" he said. "Didn't we throw in three? Now there are four! They are not tied up!" 

God had sent an angel into that furnace. The friends were safe! The king shouted for the friends to come out--and they did! The three friends were not burned at ALL.

The king praised the one, true God. He said, "No one may say anything bad about the God of these friends. Only the one, true God could help people in this way!" 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.244-249 

Thanks for joining us in City Church Kids this week. We can't wait to see you all again next Sunday as we learn about how to watch what we say and do!