We learned so much in Preschool this week about being a good friend! We joined Ms. Wise and Willy the Worm as we hopped into the bible story about Jonathan and David! 

Need To Know: "I Will Be A Good Friend!"

Christ Connection: Wow! Jonathan was a good friend to go the king and help David. Did you know we have a friend just like Jonathan? We do! And his name is Jesus. Jesus helped us by dying on the cross for us and paying the price for our sins. Jesus died for us, but he also lives with us and helps us each and every day of our lives. Jesus is a GREAT friend. Can we be a great friend, too? 

Bible Story, David and Jonathan, 1 Samuel 16:15-23

King Saul was VERY unhappy. But when David played his harp, King Saul felt better. So David came to live at the palace. 

Jonathan was King Saul's son. Jonathan and David became friends. 

Jonathan and David promised ALWAYS to be best friends! Jonathan gave David his own coat. He gave David his own bow and arrow. 

Later on, King Saul was jealous of David and wanted to hurt him! Jonathan helped David hide. Then Jonathan talked with King Saul so that David could come back and be safe. The friends were glad to be together again! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.177-180

God gives us friends we can love and be kind to. We can help our friends! 

Parents, don't forget to ask your child the 2 most important questions after a Sunday morning--1. What did you learn?  2. Did you have fun? 

We hope to see you next week as continue on in our Wise Up series! Have a great week!