This we our Preschoolers had so much fun with Ms. Wise and Willy the Worm learning about being a hard worker! We learned from the story of Noah and the Ark in Genesis 6-8. 


Need to Know: "I Will Work Hard!"

Christ Connection: Wow! Noah and his family worked so hard to obey God! Can we work hard too? Yes! There is someone else who worked really hard. Can you guess who it is? That's right! Jesus! Jesus was always working to love others and to even love you and me. Jesus would feed the hungry, heal the sick, and love people who had no friends. We can do good works like these too! Jesus shows us how! 


Bible Story: Genesis 6-8

God made a beautiful world! But people stopped obeying God. They said mean things. They didn't care if they hurt each other. 

God saw this. It made Him very sad. So God talked to a man named Noah. 

God said, "I must send a flood. Rain will fall. Water will cover everything." But your family will be safe. The animals will be safe, too." 

"Build a boat, just the way I tell you to build it." 

Noah and his family listened and obeyed! They chopped trees and cut wood. They pounded boards and brushed on tar. 

They worked hard for a long time. They did everything God said to do. Finally, the big boat was finished. 

Then Noah's family loaded food onto the boat. They carried bundles and baskets up the ramp. Now there was food for hungry animals and hungry people! God said, "Bring the animals into the boat." 

Bears thumped up the ramp. Birds flew through the door. Rabbits hopped. Elephants bumped. At last, every kind of animal was safe in the big boat. Noah, his wife and his family came aboard, too. Then God closed the door. 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.p.32-37


Thank you so much for coming to City Church this week! Don't forget to review this with you child this week! We'll see you next Sunday!