We learned a very important lesson in Preschool this week. We learned about how we can tell the truth. Our new friend, Ms. Wise taught us about the story of Jacob in Genesis 23. 


Need To Know: "I Will Tell the Truth!" 

Christ Connection:  "Have you ever lied? Yeah, me too. God tells us not to lie and shows us how to do that by sending his perfect son, Jesus! Even though Jesus never lied, he still loves us when we do. Jesus' love is never ending! Can we tell the truth?! Yes we can!"


Bible Story: Genesis 27:1-45

Now Isaac was old. He was blind, too. He said, "Before I die, I want to give Esau my blessing. He is my older son. He will be our leader when I die."

Remember, Jacob had Esau's birthright. He would be the family leader. But Jacob wanted to get Esau's blessing, too. He didn't care about telling the truth! 

So Rebekah and Jacob made a plan. They wanted to trick Isaac. Rebekah put goatskins on Jacob's arms. The skins made his arms feel hairy. Jacob put on Esau's coat. Now he smelled and felt like Esau!

Dressed as Esau, Jacob took food to Isaac. Isaac asked, "Are you REALLY Esau? You feel and smell like Esau. But you sound like Jacob!" 

Jacob lied to his father. He said, "No, no! I'm Esau!" So Isaac gave Jacob the blessing. Jacob got the blessing meant for Esau. 

Then Esau came home. Jacob had stolen his blessing. Esau wanted to hurt Jacob!

Jacob was afraid. So he ran far, far from home. He was gone for many years. 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.76-79


We hope to see you all again this Sunday as we continue in our Wise Up series! We have 2 services at Leon High School at 9:30 and 11, and 2 services at Tharpe Street at 9:30 and 11! 

Have a great week!