We had so much fun in Preschool today at both our Leon High School campus and our Tharpe Street campus! We had so much fun in production with Ms. Wise. We saw through the story of Philip how we can learn! 


Need To Know: "I Can Learn!" 

Christ Connection: Who remembers what God's word is? The bible! Great! When Philip and the man read the bible, they learned that God loves them. When we read God's word, he can teach us many great things about his great love for us. With God's help, we can learn just like Philip! 


Bible Story-Philip and the Ethiopian Leader: Acts 8:26-40

Philip loved God. One day an angel came with a job for Philip. The angel said, "Go and walk on the road that leads toward the town of Gaza." 

God has a job for Philip, and he obeyed! Philip began to walk down that road. Soon, he heard the sound of horses' hooves. A chariot was coming, a cart to ride in. It was pulled by horses! 

Inside the chariot, a man was reading. The man was a leader from a faraway country. He was reading a scroll of God's Word. God told Philip, "Run up to the chariot." 

Philip RAN! He got close to the chariot. When Philip saw what the leader was reading, he asked, "Do you understand these words?" 

"No! I need someone to help me!" the man said. 

The leader invited Philip to sit with him. Philip climbed into the chariot. Together, they read the words on the scroll. The words were about Jesus! So Philip started telling him about Jesus! 

The leader was VERY glad to hear the good news that Jesus loved him! He believed Jesus is God's Son. He joined God's family, right there on the road! 

God's Story for Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.461-466


We hope to see you again this Sunday at either our Leon High School Campus or our Tharpe Street campus! Services at 9:30 and 11 at both!