This week in City Church Kids, your Preschoolers learned about being Superheroes that lead! In our Production time, we joined Gabriel Olivia (AKA Super Go!) to stop the evil villain Vinny from stopping Lucy from bringing her friend into church ! Using the Superbook, the Bible, we learned how to be a leader from the story of Deborah in Judges 4! 

Need to Know: "I Can Be A Superhero That Is A Leader!" 

Christ Connection: "Does anyone remember who our real Superhero is? That's right! It is Jesus! Just like Deborah was a leader and helped Barak, God leads us and helps us everyday! God also lets us help him by allowing us to be leaders! "

"The Israelites lived in the promised land for many years. But they forgot about God. A bad king from another land ruled over them. The Israelites asked God for help. God sent them a judge named Deborah. She loved God very much. God gave her a plan to defeat the bad king. She sent for a man named Barak and told him, "God wants you to take 10,000 soldiers and wait on the hill." The Israelites were not as strong as their enemies. Barak begged Deborah to go with them. She was a strong leader. She agreed. When the Israelites met face to face with the king's army, Deborah exclaimed, "Go! Attack them now! God is with us!" The Israelites obeyed and won the battle. 

Beginner's Bible, Kelley Pulley, p.136-139

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Join us this Sunday as your child learns "I Can Be A Superhero That Loves Others!"