We are officially half way through our Return of Superheroes series! This week, your Preschooler went along side Super Go to defeat the evil Vinny the Villain! The bible story this week was about Moses never giving up on what God asked him to do--rescue his people! 


Need to Know: "I Can Be A Superhero That Never Gives Up!" 

Christ Connection: We've been talking about how Jesus is our real superhero! Do superheroes give up? No! Just like Moses did not give up when he was trying to rescue his people, Jesus does not give up on us.  Jesus obeyed God when God asked Jesus to rescue us. Jesus did what God asked him.

"There once was a mean King named Pharoah. He was not being fair. He had God's people do really hard things. God sent Moses to rescue the Israelites from the mean Pharoah. Moses' cousin, Aaron, went along to help. God told Moses to say "Let My People Go!" But Pharoah said "NO!" So Moses went back to Pharoah more than 10 times! Every time Pharaoh would say, "No!".  Then God would punish Pharoah and his people. God sent frogs and flies and gnats. The people even started to itch all over. Moses did not give up, and Pharoah finally let God's people go!"

Bible Story Picture Cards, Newspring Church

We hope to see you again this Sunday as we learn about being brave!