This week in Elementary, we joined our villains Dr. D and Poof in production to see what other evil things they had up their sleeves! They were once again stopped by Director Stone who sent Captain Strongfist to stop their evil plan. Captain Strongfist saved the day with God's power in him because "God's Power In Me Makes Me Strong!" 


Need To Know: "God's Power In Me Makes Me Strong!" 

Christ Connection: Judges 13-16: God raised up Samson as the last judge to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. Samson killed more Philistines in his death than he did in his life. Jesus would come as the last deliverer saving through His life and His death who would trust him.


There was a time when the people of Israel lived side by side with a people called the Philistines. The Philistines were strong. They ruled the land that should have belonged to the Israelites. God saw that the people of Israel needed a leader who was even stronger than any of the leaders He had sent before. 

God sent Samson to lead His people. He gave Samson superhuman strength. Samson would stay strong as long as he did not cut his hair. Samson let his hair grow and tied it in seven braids. He was so strong that he could rip the doors off a city gate and carry them on his shoulders. If someone tried to tie him up, he could break the ropes as if they were mere strings. 

Time after time, the Philistines tried to capture Samson and put him in jail. Time after time, they failed. Then Samson met a beautiful woman named Delilah. She pretended to be Samson's friend. But she was really a spy for the Philistines. They said they would pay her to find out what made Samson so strong and what could make him weak. Samson liked Delilah. One day, he told her the secret. 

That night, when Samson fell asleep, the Philistines came into the house. One of them cut off Samson's braids. Now Samson was like any other man. It was easy to tie him up and drag him off to jail. Samson prayed to God to make him strong again. 

At last, Samson had a chance to get back at his enemies. The Philistine leaders took him outside to show him off to their people. Thousands were standing on the roof of a building. Samson pushed the pillars that held up the building. The roof came crashing down. Many Philistines died.  So did Samson. He was remembered always as a hero to God's people.

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We hope to see everybody again this Sunday as we learn about how God's power can help us to protect others! Have a great week!