We had so much fun learning to love others in Preschool at City Church Kids this week! During our production time, we once again met up with Super Go to defeat Vinny the Villain again using our Superbook, the Bible! The story of Miriam and Moses, found in Exodus 1-2:10, reminds us how Miriam loved and took care of Moses as a baby! 

Need To Know: "I Can Be A Superhero That Loves Others!"

Christ Connection: "Who is our real superhero? Jesus is our real superhero! Just like Miriam saved Moses and took care of him, Jesus saves our lives and takes care of us. Do you think that God takes care of you like Miriam took care of Moses?"

"Many years passed. A new pharoah ruled over Egypt. He did not know about the good things Joseph had done. By now there were many people in Jacob's family. They were called Israelites. Pharoah did not like the Israelites. He made them work hard. One day, Pharoah decided to get rid of all the Israelite baby boys. A woman named Jochebed had a baby boy. She wanted to save him. So she gently laid her baby inside a basket and placed him in the river. The baby started to cry. Pharoah's daughter saw the basket and opened it. She gently picked up the baby and hugged him. "I want to keep you," the princess whispered. She named him Moses because she pulled him out of the water. Miriam, the baby's big sister, had been watching nearby. She said to the princess, "I know a woman who can help you take care of the baby." So Miriam ran to get her mother. Jochebed was so happy! When Moses was a young boy, Jochebed returned him to the princess. He grew up in the palace."

Beginner's Bible, Kelley Pulley, p.92-97

You can buy the Beginner's Bible here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Beginners-Bible-Timeless-Childrens/dp/0310709628/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409758527&sr=8-1&keywords=beginner%27s+bible


You won't want to miss this Sunday as we continue on in our Return of Superheroes series! See you at 9, 10:15, or 11:45!