This week your Elementary students learned about having faith in Exodus Chapters 1 & 2! During our production time, we joined with Kablooey and Director Stone to stop the villians (Poof and Dr. D) from doing wrong! 


Need To Know: "God's Power In Me Help Me Have Faith!"

Christ Connection: Exodus 1-2: "God saved Moses for a special purpose: to rescue His people. The calling of Moses points to a greater calling and rescue--the call of Jesus to come to earth to save God's people from their sin. Moses and Jesus both obeyed God's commands in order to carry out His plan of salvation. Moses delivered God's people from physical captivity; Jesus delivered God's people from captivity to sin."

"For two hundred years after Joseph died, the Israelites lived well in Egypt. They were called Hebrews by the people of Egypt, because they had come from another land. Then a new king who did not know about Joseph came into power in Egypt. He thought that there were too many Hebrews. He was afraid they would take over the country. So he took away their freedom and made them work as slaves.  Their lives were hard, but still the number of Hebrews grew. The king gave another terrible order: All Hebrew baby boys were to be put to death. 

A Hebrew woman named Jochebed had just given birth to a baby boy. She hid her baby to keep him safe. Her daughter, Miriam, and her son Aaron kept the secret. But the baby got too big to hide. So she placed him in a basket and set the basket in the river Nile. The basket flowed like a boat down the Nile. Miriam followed it onshore to see where it would go. The king's daughter was bathing in the river. She saw the basket. The baby inside was crying. The princess knew it was a Hebrew boy, but she felt sorry for him. Miriam saw what had happened. She told the princess she would get a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby. The woman was her mother, Jochebed. When the boy got older, Jochebed took him back to the king's daughter. He became her son. She named him Moses."

Read & Learn Bible, Scholastic, p.82-85

We hope to see everyone again this Sunday as we teach the kids that "God's Power In Me Makes Me Strong!"