Hey Parents! We had so much playing the Spin It To Win It game this week in City Church Kids! We played games and listened to a bible story from John 4:3-42 about the Woman at the Well to learn that "I Can Be Like Jesus!" 

Need To Know: "I Can Be Like Jesus!" 

Christ Connection: Jesus offered the woman something no one else could give her--living water. Jesus wasn't talking about water that would satisfy her physical thirst; Jesus was talking about the Holy Spirit that would satisfy her spiritual thirst. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to those who come to Him by faith.

Bible Story-The Woman at the Well: John 4:3-42

Jesus and His helpers walked and walked. They walked until it was noon. They were hot, hungry and tired. They stopped at a town to rest. Jesus' friends went to buy food. Jesus sat by the well just outside of town. 

A woman came to get water from the well. Jesus asked her for a drink. She was surprised Jesus would talk to her. Then Jesus surprised her even more! He told about many things she had done. 

She was amazed. Jesus knew all about her! The woman said, "When the Savior comes, He'll talk to us like You are talking to me." Jesus told her, "I AM the Savior God promised to send!" 

The woman was VERY excited! She ran back into the town shouting, "Listen! There's a Man by the well. I think He's the Savior God promised to send!" 

Many people came to meet Jesus for themselves! They listened to His words. They asked Him to tell them more about God's love! They told the woman, "You were right. Jesus IS the Savior God promised to send!"

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.313-319

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