Our elementary students in City Church Kids this week learned about being a part of God's family! We learned from the story of Nicodemus and Jesus from John, Chapter 3 about what it means to be in God's family. During our production time, we played a game with Garry the Gameshow Guy and answered questions about the bible story! 

Need To Know: "I Can Be Part of God's Family!" 

Christ Connection: Without Jesus, we are spiritually dead. Sin separates us from God. When God graciously gives people the Holy Spirit, they are "born again"--they receive new life and become God's children. Jesus offers new life to those who trust in Him for salvation.


Bible Story: Nicodemus and Jesus; John 3:1-17

Nicodemus was a leader in the big city of Jerusalem. Nicodemus wanted to know about Jesus. One quiet night, Nicodemus came to see Jesus. He said, "Jesus, we know You came from God. No one else can do what You do!" 

Jesus told Nicodemus that he needed to be born again. Nicodemus didn't understand Jesus' words. But Jesus explained that Nicodemus had to be born into God's family. 

"God loves this world very much," Jesus said. "That's why He sent Me here. I am God's very own Son. When a person believes in Me, that person gets to be part of God's family now and forever!" 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.310-313

We hope that you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for you and your families. We hope to see you next Sunday at 9:30 or 11 at Leon or 11am at Tharpe Street! 

Don't forget, Christmas on the Moon is coming up very soon! December 7th at 5 and 7pm! Childcare is not provided, so grab a babysitter, and enjoy a night out with your church!