We had SO MUCH FUN with your Preschoolers this week in City Church Kids! We learned all about how we can grow like Jesus from Luke 2:47-52. 

Need To Know: "I Can Grow Like Jesus!"

Christ Connection (connecting the bible story to what we learned) : Did Jesus stay a baby forever? No! He grew up! Just like Jesus grew up, so do we! As we grow up, we can learn more and more about Jesus! Pat your legs if you think it is fun to learn about Jesus! It IS fun! We can learn more about Jesus by talking about him and reading God's word. What is God's word? That's right! The Bible! 

Bible Story: Luke 2:41-52

Baby Jesus grew and grew! He grew taller and stronger and wiser. Joseph was a carpenter. He made things out of wood. He taught Jesus how to make things, too. 

When Jesus was 12 years old, His family traveled to Jerusalem. It was a holiday! They went to the Temple to worship. They sang and prayed to God. They visited with relatives and friends. 

After a week, they started walking home. Everyone was busy talking and walking. They walked all day. No one noticed that JESUS wasn't there! 

But when everyone stopped to sleep, Mary and Joseph looked for Jesus. They could not find Him anywhere! WHERE could Jesus BE? 

Mary and Joseph hurried back to Jerusalem. They looked EVERYWHERE for Him. They looked all over the city for three days! Then they went to search the Temple. They stopped, amazed! THERE was Jesus! 

Jesus was talking to the Temple leaders! He wasn't afraid or sad. He was there to talk about God, His Father. He knew God was taking care of Him! 

God's Story For Me Bible, Gospel Light, p.294-299


Hey Parents! Have you asked your kids the 2 most important questions this week about Sunday? 1. Did you have fun? 2. What did you learn? 

Don't forget to practice the memory verse for this series with your preschooler: "Everyone who is a child of God has the power to win!"

We'll see you all this Sunday at 9:30 or 11 at Leon High School, or 11 at Tharpe Street!