This week we began a new series called "Spin It To Win It", which is all about the life of Jesus and learning how to be like him! They played games with Garry the Gameshow Guy and Ginger the Game Girl as well as their studio announcer, Higgins, and some got the chance to spin the wheel to win big prizes! They also heard the story of Zachariah as they learned to believe God's promises! 

Need To Know: "I Can Believe God's Promises!" 

Christ Connection: Like all the prophets before him, John was used by God for a special purpose. God sent John to be the last of the Old Testament-type prophets who would tell people about the coming Savior. John's job was to remind the people of what God had said in the past and to prepare the hearts of the people to meet Jesus in the future. 

Don't forget to practice the memory verse for this series with your child! 

"In all things we will do even more than win! We owe it all to Jesus, who has loved us." Romans 8:17

We hope you will join us again this Sunday as we continue in our "Spin It To Win I" series, and teach your kids how to be more like Jesus!