This week, we started a brand new series called "Goody Goody Gumdrops!" In this series, we still be studying the life of Jesus and how to be more like him every day! Today we read the story from Luke 1:5-25 about the birth of John! 


Need to Know: "I Believe God's Promises!" 

Christ Connection: Have you ever made a promise to your friend? God made a promise just like that to Zachariah! And God made a promise to us too! God promised to save our lives and love us forever. He sent his son Jesus to do that! We can believe God's promises because Jesus came and died for us! 

Don't forget to practice the memory verse for this series with your child! 

"Everyone who is a child of God has the power to win..." 1 John 5:4


We hope to see everyone again this week as we continue in our new series!