The Care Ministry is a network of teams that exist to care for people, strengthen marriages & families, and help one another move forward towards redemption in Christ. 

We are committed to praying for your needs and are here to give biblically-based support and encouragement when you’re going through a difficult time. For those seeking ongoing, in-depth counseling, we are happy to refer you to a licensed counselor. CITYCHURCH's Care Team is made up of trained volunteers, not licensed or paid therapists.  

After-Service CARE

Care and prayer are available after each Sunday service. Our Care Team is available to listen, pray, and talk privately with you about anything going on in your life. Look for someone wearing a green CARE lanyard, or stop by the Connect Desk after a service to be directed to the Care Room.


Care is available throughout the week by appointment only. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below or send an email to with your name, email address and phone number along with a brief description of your needs. This helps ensure that you speak with the team member most equipped to help you.



The City Church Deacons are here to serve and care for the hurting and vulnerable in our church family. Their primary responsibilities are to offer lay (volunteer) counseling, benevolence and care visits. If you would like to speak with one of our deacons, or if you know someone who needs this type of care, please request more information below.

City Church will treat the communication between you and our volunteer care team members as confidential except as required by law or by our consciences, including situations such as threats of serious harm to self or others, as in the case of child abuse, suicide or homicide. In order to provide a sufficient level of advice, care team members may need to consult with other staff, a supervisor or colleague; but if they determine that they should speak with others, then they will share your story only with those individuals who, in their opinion, “need to know.” Since most care team members are not professionals in the field, the advice given will be their best attempt to share biblical principles to help you, but the decision about what to do with their opinions is totally yours. If you would rather speak with someone who counsels as a profession, we’d be happy to make a referral.