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Series Title: ORDINARY 

Series Summary: In society today, we are experiencing something called "the cult of extraordinariness." The thought of being simply ordinary is offensive to us in today's fast-paced, over-achiever world. This is impacting the Church at large, since for the Christian, following Jesus is counter-cultural. There is a pendulum constantly swinging between enthusiasm for following Christ, and disillusionment at what that actually means. The Scriptures point us to a different story: one of ordinary life. This life consists of steady maturation, gradual growth, and the slow process of becoming more like Christ within the community of the Church. 

Sermon Notes: 

In today's world, we're lost in our selfish impulses and impatient desires for more. Repeatedly in the New Testament in the Bible, we are called, in Paul's words, to grow up and put away our childish ways. (1 Corinthians 13:11)

In reality, most of us are not the stars of our own movies. We're called to a life of gradual growth. God, on the other hand, is hardly ordinary, but he delights in working in the ordinary. 

The ordinary Christian life is one of daily trusting Christ, daily repenting of our sins, daily believing the Gospel, daily loving God and our neighbor, and daily proclaiming the Gospel to ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities. 

Ordinary Christians are worshipers. In the Old Testament, before the coming of Christ, worship was something you did. Worship was offered at a specific place, such as the temple, and included a sacrifice such as an animal sacrifice, to atone for sin, performed by the priest. In the New Testament, as Jesus comes to Earth, worship changes. 

[Read John 4:13-24]

Now we worship in Spirit and in Truth. What does that mean? 

Now that Jesus has come, worship is no longer about a place, a presentation, or a's about a person. It's about Jesus. 

True worship happens in Spirit and in Truth.

Spirit = the change that happens inside of you, by the Holy Spirit, as a response to faith in Christ and worship of God for who He is.

Truth = worshipping Jesus as He truly is, not who you want Him to be or make Him to be to fit your lifestyle.

Worship is: "moment by moment recognition and response to the greatness and goodness of God." 

[Read Romans 11:36-12:1]