This Sunday, Cross United Church of Lighthouse Point, FL, will be holding its first official service as a church plant! City Church supports Cross United as part of the Send South Florida initiative with the North American Mission Board and the Florida Baptist Convention. Cross United Church is pastored by Danny Slavich, who with his wife, Laura, is committed to reaching the Lighthouse Point community of South Florida with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks to your generosity, City Church was able to donate funds for yard signs to be made to help Cross United share their presence in their community. These yard signs will be placed around Lighthouse Point in preparation for the launch of the church this Sunday, September 9th! 

How can you be praying for Cross United Church and the Slavich family? 

1. Pray for God to bring people to the launch of Cross United's services this Sunday. Pray for the launch team who have invested in reaching their community for Christ, and for those they will invite to attend church this Sunday. 

2. Pray for a smooth launch, with logistics to be taken care of and for any distractions to be minimized in order to focus on sharing the love of Christ with attenders. 

3. Pray for Danny and Laura and their children as they begin this new journey of planting a church in their community. 

4. Pray that the gospel would be clearly proclaimed and that it would connect in the hearts of many people in Lighthouse Point. 


Over Labor Day weekend, a team of college students led by Ryan and Anna Adams traveled to New Orleans to serve at Immanuel Community Church, pastored by Matthew Delaughter. ICC is a church plant that City Church supports financially and through service and prayer as part of the Send North America initiative with NAMB. 

Our college group served with ICC and spent time investing in the church's efforts to reach their community of Treme in New Orleans. Only six hours away, New Orleans is a quick trip to take to participate in serving our "Send City" partner and helping spread the gospel in a place where it is desperately needed. Through the financial generosity of City Church members, over $1,000 was raised to support this team as they were sent to live on mission and serve the city of New Orleans.

In addition to supporting ICC, City Church also supports two other church plants in NOLA: Connect Church of Algiers, pastored by Ryan Rice, and Lakeshore Church, pastored by George Ross. How can you support our Send City churches and the city of New Orleans? 

1. Pray - For the gospel to be shared all across NOLA and for people to be receptive to knowing the truth about God and surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. Pray for our churches, their pastors and staff, and for the families of these churches as they serve their communities.

2. Give - Material and additional financial needs exist in order to increase the impact and reach of these churches as they minister in New Orleans. Financial generosity also allows short-term trips from City Church to New Orleans to happen! To learn more about specific needs, and how to give, email

3. Go - Plan a short-term mission trip with your City Group, fellow serving team members, or friends! There are many ways to serve at our Send City churches in NOLA, and we can help provide guidance and direction on how to plan a short-term trip for your group. 


London, England is a city of almost 9 million people, with over 300 languages spoken, making it a true global city. The International Mission Board has identified London as a strategic city for its Global Cities Initiative, with the goal to send working professionals, students, and retirees to London in order to live on mission and share the gospel in everyday life. With an increase of on-the-ground gospel messengers in London, and by partnering with natives Londoners and church plants already growing up in the city, the IMB hopes to see many more people hear the gospel and become followers of Jesus Christ. 

City Church has partnered with the IMB to focus on London as an international send city. Our hope and prayer is to see people leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel in London. How does that work? 

If you're a student, participate in FSU's study abroad programs or an exchange program with a London university. While there, use your time outside of studying to serve in a church plant in London and help make disciples in a city where less than 2% of the population identify as evangelical Christian. 

As a college graduate, consider giving two years of your live to working and doing ministry in London! There are countless networks and connections that allow you to work your everyday job in London with the purpose of serving people in the city and helping others follow Jesus as you build relationships. 

If you're a working professional who happens to travel to London, or if your company has an office in the city, you can leverage the trips you may already be taking to help further the gospel in London. By connecting with church plants, supporting and encouraging missionaries during your travel time, and simply building greater relationships with other professionals in London, there are many opportunities to show the love and truth of Christ to Londoners. 

As a retiree, you may be searching for a way to invest your time and energy in a new season of life. Whether through mid-term trips of 6 months to 1 year, or by relocating permanently to London, you can help make a significant impact on the city. The large majority of western Europeans who identify as Christian are nominal Christians, meaning they do not practice Christian beliefs or fully understand what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life. Using your own spiritual journey and the skills you've gained over decades of work and life can make an eternal impact as you invest in Londoners and share the gospel in your retirement.

In October, City Church will send a team to London for one week to explore a new church plant happening in June 2019. This new church will be established in the neighborhood of Queen's Park, in Northwest London, led by Thomas West and his wife, Elizabeth. You can learn more about this partnership and the vision for this church, at the Wests' family blog:

To learn more about joining in City Church's efforts to reach London with the gospel, email