Thank you for joining us at Easter at the Civic Center! At City Church, we want to help you connect to the gospel, grow in your faith, and be equipped to make an impact for God, wherever you are. If you came to Easter and are now wondering where to go from here, we've got 3 simple next steps that we'd love to help you take. 

1. Follow Up. If you invited and brought someone to Easter, don't underestimate the impact a follow up conversation can have after hearing the gospel on Sunday. If you need help sharing your faith or talking about how to follow Jesus, visit the City Church "Grow" page for resources. You can also download the 3 Circles Life Conversation Guide to help you share the gospel. 

2. Get Connected. City Church wants to connect people to the gospel in a positive, engaging church environment. If you enjoyed Easter Sunday, come back again this week! We'll be celebrating our risen Savior and worshiping God together every Sunday. For service times and location, visit the main page on our website. Sunday morning at City Church is a great place to find more information about getting connected and taking a next step in your faith.

3. Keep Growing. If you made a decision in your faith or encountered Jesus at Easter, don't stop there. We have resources to help you keep growing and learn how to follow Jesus in your everyday life. Check out the "Grow" tab on our website for more information. Because we believe that growth happens best in community and through serving others, we'd love to help you connect by joining a City Group or joining one of our Serve teams. You can find more information about both of these environments on our website under "Groups" and "Serve." 

To watch a recap of Easter at the Civic Center and read notes from Pastor's Dean's message, check out our Easter Recap post on the Blog. 

Join us on Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, and 11:55am at our current campus at 1200 West Tharpe Street. Thank you for being a part of City Church Tallahassee!