Thank you for joining us at Easter at the Civic Center! Here's a special recap video of the service. We'd love for you to share in the excitement using our event hashtag #TallyEaster, and join us next Sunday at 1200 West Tharpe Street as we continue celebrating that Jesus is alive! 


1. The Gospel of Mark tells us that at the site of the empty tomb, an angel tells followers of Jesus to "go, tell His disciples and Peter," that Jesus has risen. Jesus knows and calls His followers by name. 

2. Peter left everything he had, including his job as a fisherman, to follow Jesus. He had a firsthand look at the miracles Jesus performed and the life He lived. Jesus calls us to leave behind our old lives and follow Him. 

3. Peter believed who Jesus was, but something happened to Peter that caused Him to deny Jesus and any connection Peter had to Him. Our deepest pride and sin cause us to deny the truth and forsake God for ourselves. 

4. Peter never imagined he would be capable of denying Jesus, yet he found himself rejecting Jesus and claiming he was not one of Jesus's followers. Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves, and yet He died for our sin. 

5. How can Peter be counted with Jesus after denying and rejecting Him? Something shifted in Peter that caused him to move from denial, to an undeniable belief. When we personally encounter the love and grace of Christ, we cannot deny who He is. 

6. Peter could not deny what he had seen and heard from the life of Jesus. His shame, guilt, and unworthiness could not compare to Christ's undeniable love for Peter. It's often our feelings of guilt and unworthiness that keep us from coming to Christ. 

7. Peter was unworthy. But that is exactly who Jesus came for, and the reason He died. Our brokenness separated us from God, but God had a plan to redeem us and make us worthy through Christ. 

8. His death was the reason Jesus came to earth in the first place. Jesus defeated death, and now there's a blank space in the book of life for each one of us who believe in Him. 

9. Even more than the undeniable truth of Christ's resurrection, Peter could not deny that Jesus knew him, loved him, and called him friend. Adults don't become Christians because all their questions get answered...they follow Jesus when He becomes personal. 

10. We never have to wonder where we stand with someone who is willing to die for us. Jesus lived a perfect life and died for our sin, and now we cannot deny His love for us. 

Scripture References: 

Mark 16:1-8; Mark 14:30; Mark 14:66-72; Acts 4:18-20; 1 Peter 1:3; Revelation 3:5; Revelation 20:15.