1. As Christians, no matter where we are in our faith, we are called to be good students of God's Word. 

2. All Christians go through two conversions: one away from the world, where we turn from sin, and one back to the world, where we take our new lives into the world and live in light of the gospel. 

3. We are to be imitators of God by mirroring our lives after His truth, His holiness, and His love. 

4. We are not called to be robots, but imitators who gladly obey God as His dearly loved children. 

5. God does not love us randomly or "just because." This is a sacrificial love in which God chooses us in Christ, who gave Himself up for us. 

6. As Christians we are also called to walk in love, following Jesus because He loved us. 

7. There are two areas of sin we must confront in order to walk in the love of Christ and be imitators of God: a) greed and b) sexual immorality. 

8. Paul addresses these issues in Ephesians because sexual immorality and greed have great ability to hinder our witness to the world as imitators of God. 

9. Both of these sins are centered around our own selfish desires, but as imitators of God we seek God's will and walk in Christ's love above our own sinful desires. 

10. The true love of God is corrective of our sin and preventative of pursuing our selfish desires.